Today, more than ever, for any business activity, finance is the heart of the company. Its health must be constantly monitored to avoid the risk of the enterprise being crushed by a liquidity crisis which can threaten even the most profitable of businesses.

Focus Management works in this area according to a set of invariable principles, whatever the field of application and / or the specific project.

First prudence, which characterizes not only the assumptions underlying the assessments, but extends and permeates the entire methodological approach.

Second, the scientific rigour of analysis and processing, guaranteed by the use of statistical analysis tools and techniques.

Focus Management projects are always independent and objective, the result of academic influence coming from the closeness of its members to the world of University and Scientific Research.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the particular attention given to reliability and dependability, pursued through the use of different approaches and methods of assessment appropriate to the individual case in such a way that he level of consistency of test results can always be checked.

The fact that Focus Management has a background in strategic management means that projects within the finance area are viewed strategically and not only from a financial prospective.

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Defining royalty rates for the enjoyment of brands and patents of a corporation operating in the consumer electronics sector

A case concerning royalties: the need to define their proper level in connection with the use of brands and patents. The Focus Management team dedicated to Expert Opinion projects appealed to the most complex financial analysis techniques in order to satisfy the Client’s need.

Assessing a brand within the scope of a brand migration

A case of brand evaluation: the need to calculate the economic value of a brand. A process that integrated marketing and finance skills allowed Focus Management to arrive at a detailed evaluation, even in consideration of the brand migration process underway.

Defending a company operating in the sector of industrial machinery

A case of Transfer Pricing: the need to develop a defensive strategy. By following a rigorous and innovative process, the Focus Management team prepared an in-depth technical survey, developing a new study in Transfer Pricing.

Developing hi-tech in the healthcare sector

A case of development paths: the need for a company operating in the healthcare sector to find partners able to support its growth. The Finance team of Focus Management worked side by side with the Client company, characterized by a strong innovative matrix from the technological standpoint, in identifying potential partners and in estimating and presenting the mutual opportunities.

Verifying the consistency of the remuneration system for procurement services in the telephony sector

A case of transfer pricing: the need to verify the soundness of remuneration policies in connection with the OCSE guidelines. Focus Management’s Expert Opinion team observed the phenomenon from different perspectives that enabled the optimal ranges to be identified.

Difendere un’azienda nel settore delle macchine industriali

Un caso di Transfer Pricing: il bisogno di costruire una strategia difensiva. Seguendo un processo rigoroso e innovativo, il team Focus Management ha redatto una profonda perizia tecnica, realizzando un nuovo studio di TP.

Sviluppare l’Hi-Tech nel comparto healthcare

Un caso di percorsi di sviluppo: la necessità per un’azienda attiva nel mondo healthcare di trovare partner capaci di sostenerne lo sviluppo. Il team Finance di Focus Management ha affiancato l’azienda Cliente, caratterizzata da una forte matrice innovativa dal punto di vista tecnologico, nell’identificazione di potenziali partner, nella stima e nella presentazione delle reciproche opportunità.

Verificare la coerenza del sistema di remunerazione per i servizi di procurement nella telefonia

Un caso di Transfer Pricing: la necessità di verificare la solidità delle logiche di remunerazione in relazione alle Linee Guida OCSE. Il lavoro di Expert Opinion di Focus Management ha osservato il fenomeno da prospettive differenti che hanno consentito di identificare i range ottimali.

Definire le royalty rate per lo sfruttamento di brand e brevetti di una multinazionale dell’elettronica di consumo

Un caso di royalty: la necessità di definire il loro corretto livello in relazione all’utilizzo di brand e brevetti. Il team Focus Management dedicato alle Expert Opinion ha fatto ricorso alle più complesse tecniche di analisi finanziaria per rispondere al bisogno del Cliente.


Valutare un marchio nell’ambito di un progetto di brand migration

Un caso di brand evaluation: la necessità di calcolare il valore economico di un brand. Un percorso che ha integrato competenze di Marketing e Finance ha consentito a Focus Management di giungere ad una valutazione dettagliata, considerando anche il processo di brand migration in essere.

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