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A successful strategy is based on a careful analysis of the competitive and market environments, as well as on an overview of business capabilities.

Market scenarios, the vectors of cross-competition, the convergence between sectors, as well as new meta-markets stemming from the development of new digital technologies, are typical areas of strategic analysis.

Focus Management professionals adopt methodologies ranging from traditional competitive intelligence techniques to the most advanced customer-based systems to conduct these analyzes. Cognitive maps, constructed with the aid of specialized researchers and content analysis software, represent one of the most exciting frontiers in management tools for the analysis of these scenarios. Creativity, rigor and rationality are the essential ingredients of an effective strategy.

On the assumption of a correct analytical process of the competitive scenario and the business environment, Focus Management assists clients in defining the most appropriate strategies within the context of the competitive environment and the allocation of corporate resources.

Economic and financial simulations, decision trees and scenario analysis are impacts. The development of the intangible resources of knowledge and trust are two additional areas of study frequently analyzed by Focus Management.

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Lining up operational activities and strategies: the case of a corporation

A case of repositioning: the need to spread the new positioning at all company levels. Focus Management provided support to the company in mapping the marketing activities, in verifying their consistency with respect to the strategic orientation and the definition of  “migration” operational plan.

Re-engineering the Customer Service department of a pharmaceutical company

A case of Supply Chain Management: the company needed to be more effective and efficient. Through a project that integrated strategic elements, (internal/external customer-orientation and organizational aspects, Focus Management was able to redefine the positioning of an entire company function, assisting it during its evolutionary process.

Reingegnerizzare il Customer Service di un’azienda farmaceutica

Un caso di Supply Chain Management: l’esigenza aziendale di essere più efficaci ed efficienti. Attraverso un progetto che integrava elementi strategici, attributi di customer orientation (interna ed esterna) e aspetti organizzativi, Focus Management ha ridefinito il posizionamento di un’intera funzione aziendale, affiancandola nel suo processo evolutivo.

Allineare le attività operative alle strategie: il caso di una multinazionale

Un caso di riposizionamento: la necessità di diffondere il nuovo posizionamento a tutti i livelli aziendali. Focus Management ha supportato l’azienda nella mappatura delle attività di marketing, nella verifica della loro coerenza rispetto alla direzione strategica e nella definizione di un piano operativo di “migrazione”.

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