The careful design of the research plan, the adoption of rigorous tools for gathering and processing information, enables Focus Management to propose analytic paths that are the always original, strictly tailor-made and aimed at generating new market knowledge.

The planning activities can involve both the launch of a new product, with the definition of the product, of pricing and of the distribution and communication policies, as well as the launch of a new distribution formula or a new service.

Thanks to the wide range of skills acquired over time, Focus Management is able to offer true managerial coaching, assisting managers and entrepreneurs even in the implementation phase of marketing policies, monitoring the results and benefits achieved.

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Lining up operational activities and strategies: the case of a corporation

A case of repositioning: the need to spread the new positioning at all company levels. Focus Management provided support to the company in mapping the marketing activities, in verifying their consistency with respect to the strategic orientation and the definition of  “migration” operational plan.

Developing a culture of trade marketing in the technical clothing sector

A case of brand and assortment management within the trade: a coaching and research process that worked on the “cultural” dimension of the company’s management and on the understanding of the customer and of the independent retailer. Focus Management defined the Trade Marketing approach for the company, safeguarding brand value over time.

Identifying opportunities and channel strategies for an innovative product

A case of Marketing & Retailing Mix Definition: the need to differentiate the approach for first movers and followers. Focus Management provided assistance to the Client in structuring the individual marketing and retailing mix levers in order to effectively support an innovative product.

Assessing a brand within the scope of a brand migration

A case of brand evaluation: the need to calculate the economic value of a brand. A process that integrated marketing and finance skills allowed Focus Management to arrive at a detailed evaluation, even in consideration of the brand migration process underway.

Structuring Fidelity Collection Management in digital form

A case of loyalty management: the need to reinterpret the company’s relationships with its customers in digital form. Focus Management’s team of consultants worked side by side with the company, which operates in the sector of FMCG, in developing the entire loyalty program, from the planning to the monitoring.

Enhancing the value of a food product brand

A case of brand analysis: the need to understand how to best use the marketing mix levers in order to support the brand. Resorting to its own brand assessment model, Focus Management identified the brand value drivers, then anchoring each attribute to actions that could be carried out in terms of marketing mix in order to enhance brand value.

Launching a drug through partnerships

A case of Partnership Plan: the need to find solutions for filling the potential gap. Focus Management’s consultants mapped the trust activators in the healthcare field in order to enhance awareness of the available therapeutic programmes: a final document (Partnership Plan) summed up all the strategies and tactics to be implemented at the local level.

Developing an institutional web and booking site

A case of digital marketing: the need to define a digital strategy in the tourist sector. By exploring the online behaviours of the final customers, Focus Management developed the new web architecture for the Client company, by combining a rich web experience and simple use.

Innovating a store concept

A case of concept generation in the retail grocery sector: the need to combine traditional convenience with shopping experience. The team of consultants at Focus Management worked to create a new concept that would combine these two souls, ensuring a gratifying experience for the customer, as demonstrated by the measured results.

Lanciare un farmaco mediante le partnership

Un caso di Partnership Plan: la necessità di trovare soluzioni per colmare il gap di potenziale. I consulenti Focus Management hanno mappato i trust activator in ambito healthcare per facilitare la consapevolezza dei percorsi terapeutici disponibili: un documento finale (Partnership Plan) ha sintetizzato tutte le strategie e le tattiche da adottare a livello locale.

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